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Absolute Beginner Spanish

Starting 20th February - 18:00 GMT

L'anglais est-il votre deuxième langue ? 

Avez-vous une entreprise qui vous demande d'améliorer vos compétences en anglais?

Alors le programme Impetus est PARFAIT pour vous ! 

Español para principiantes

  • Beginner Spanish

    Online interactive Spanish for adults - 7 week course

By the end of your Absolute Beginner Spanish Course, you will be able to:

  • Express greetings and personal information.

  • Use numbers with times, money and dates.

  • Ask for directions and basic travel information.

  • Cafes and shopping

  • Some basic grammar concepts

All seven, 1 hour sessions will be in zoom. Price includes material, zoom link and recording all with our native Spanish-speaking language coach Noelia.​

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