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The Digital Language Hub

English for Professionals

General English Course

Starts monthly

Beginners: Monday & Wednesday 18.00 gmt

Intermediate: Tuesday & Thursday 18.00 gmt

Advanced: Tuesday & Thursday 20.00 gmt

(times may change)

Get Your Online Interactive English Course

Discover How To Get And Keep More International English Speaking Clients and Make More Money

  • Get involved with more meaningful discussions in English

  • Connect better with potential international English speaking customers

  • Get more global leads

  • Network more confidently in English

  • Confidently expess your opinions 

  • Become more independent when using Engish

  • Access a wider range of knowledge

  • Open more doors of opportunity

The Digital Language Hub General English Course


Some Topics Covered

Introductions - Ordering in a cafe - Asking the time - Using social expressions - Talking about the weather - Days, months and seasons - Asking and giving directions - Application forms - Phone calls - Making Appointments - Talking about the past - Relationships - Special occassions - Comparing Places - Describing people - Making suggestions - Future plans - Your feelings - At the chemist - Story telling - Travel 

Some Grammar Points Covered

Present simple - Questions and negatives - Prepositions - Modal verbs - Past simple - Comparative and superlative - Present continuous - Possesive - Future tense - Adjectives - Adverbs - Present perfect


Some Topics Covered

Social expressions - Technology - Scientific achievments - Sports and leisure - Maths - Letters and emails - Art and literature - Opinions - Offers and requests - Manners - Rules and regulations - Climate - Telephone reservations - Dream careers - Forms - Family matters - Obsessions - Writing a bio - Life's great events

Some Grammar Points Covered

Parts of speach - Correcting mistakes - Tenses - Passive and active forms - Modal verbs - Idioms - Conditionals - Phrasal verbs - Compound nouns - Time expressions - Indirect questions - Question tags - Reported speach


Some Topics Covered

What makes us human - Stages of life - Describing trends - Speculation - Culture - Common interests - War and peace - Personal profiles - What do you think? - Genders - Billionaires - Economic growth - Graphs - The mystic and the skeptic - Memory - Apologies - Nationalies and stereotypes - Legacies - Music - Mind and body - The high tech world - Domestic issues - The placebo effect - Social media threads - Debating - Writing reviews

Some Grammar Points Covered

Reflexive pronouns - Adverbs, adjectives and verb patterns - Phrasal verbs - Ways to avoid repetition - Structures which add emphasis - Work place jargon - Using emphatic stuctures - Real and unreal tenses - Relative clauses - Participles - Attitude verbs - Connectors - Compound nouns - Passive constructions and reporting

Businesswoman at Home

I really enjoy learning with Portia. I have thought it would be difficult to learn English in English but it's easy on Portia's classes! Learning is fun and exciting. I recommend!

Portia is a wonderful teacher and her English sessions are interactive and intercultural.
I enjoyed every session.

How to improve your professional English communication skills

The Digital Language Hub is the perfect online space for professionals, entrepreneurs and business leaders to become more fluent in English. With our experienced native, expert language coach with almost three decades of teaching experience across private and corporate sectors, you’ll be sure to find the perfect course level for you.

We offer three levels - beginner, intermediate and advanced - covering all the core concepts, from grammar and vocabulary to everyday English expressions, reading, speaking, listening and writing.

Our courses come in packages of 60 hours and span over 20 weeks, with 3 hours of lessons per week.


The interactive sessions are in small groups of no more than 6 international professionals.


Expect a fun and stimulating learning experience that is both approachable and affordable.

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