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About The Digital Language Hub

Here at The DLH, we know that every person is unique and individual. This means that how and why you learn a foreign language is also just as unique and individual to you. 

Our holistic, bespoke language courses use the direct approach and encompass quantum learning and mindset.

One thing that most of us do have in common, however, as humans, is connection. These days, more than ever, it has become increasingly important and much easier to connect with people who align and resonate with our own beliefs. 

Being able to communicate with someone is a real gift if you can do it in their own language. Bilinguals definitely have the upper hand when it comes to being able to connect with so many more individuals. Through connecting to different communities, you may re-shape your ideas, be humbled by the generosity, and build everlasting friendships. 

Meet The Coaches

Portia Powell


Portia Powell founded The DLH after more than twenty years of working as an educator in various environments both at home and abroad. At home, she is a mother and grandmother to bilingual children. 

She has extensive experience helping international businesses and professionals as well as deep knowledge and understanding of alternative education for children and young adults. 

She decided to transmute her foreign language skills online during the past year as the business and formal education sectors are no longer in alignment with her core beliefs.

Portia has been teaching languages for over two decades and has years of experience working with additional needs children and young people within mainstream and alternative provision settings.


Marina Fornaro

Please meet our official Italian Language coach, Marina Fornaro.

She is Italian and lives in a beautiful seaside resort North of Rome.

With a degree in Foreign Languages, over 30 years of teaching Italian schools and recently shifted to coaching Italian within the “Rete Scuolemigranti”, which gathers all the associations in Rome and Latium interested in the language and social integration of immigrants.

“Languages are fascinating and I think teaching and learning a language is a wonderful adventure.

If you are interested in living this adventure through the Italian language I will be happy to show you around, to show you how to get started and be able to get by in everyday most common situations.

If you love Italy and the Italian culture, knowing Italian will give you a better understanding of them.”


Sarah Baker-Smith

Meet Sarah Baker-Smith, born in London and extremely well-traveled and mother of a bilingual son. Two main themes of her career have been language and law. 

Sarah has a passion for languages and studied English, French, and German at classical grammar school. Clarity and precision in communication, both written and spoken, as well as spelling and punctuation, became her tools as she went on to study and practice law. After many years, she took a break and pursued a TEFL career, working in the UK and France.


Noelia Leonard

Please meet our official Spanish Language coach, Noelia Leonard. With experience in coaching Spanish online, exam preparation, and conversation skills, Noelia is fun-loving and professional. 

She is originally from Cuba and currently lives in Europe where she travels between UK and Italy. She is married with bilingual children and grandchildren. She has a passion for discovering new places.